We are the first swim school for babies and children in Panama with a progressive curriculum, designed to teach the students at their own pace, helping them feel comfortable and safe in the water, while they learn to master the four competitive swimming styles.


Lessons are instructed by qualified swimming professionals. Our program is divided into different levels, accompanying the children in every step of their learning, achieving the gradual development of their aquatic skills.


Our goal is to make children learn while playing, ensuring they feel comfortable and safe in the water, but always respecting it.


Our enthusiastic teaching staff works very hard to develop our students' aquatic skills through a progressive curriculum, carefully designed to learn within a dynamic, safe, clean and fun environment. Our purpose is to produce in children a feeling of self-accomplishment, reinforcing in them and their parents a respectful attitude towards water risks.


We strive to create habits and disciplines that help our clients improve their well-being and transform their kids into happy, safe and confident swimmers.


We work every day to consolidate our standing as an institution that is fully recognized for its high standards of service, safety and academic quality, always at the forefront of the global swimming instruction industry.






We believe in the utmost importance of providing our clients a fully integral experience:


• Our swimmers will learn in a safe and fun environment, with the dedication and care of a cheerful, committed and highly trained teaching staff.


• Our students’ families will receive a fair and outstanding quality service, within a safe, clean and friendly environment.


We believe in the benefits of performing daily within the mindset, principles and values of "The Aquatics Experience": Safety, Unconditional Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Team Work, Kindness, Punctuality and Constant Growth.


We are committed to promote the vital importance of swimming lessons as a way to prevent accidents and save lives.


Our academic program is designed to ensure your child´s success. It is divided into different levels.  Each level requires students to master very specific skills in order to graduate to the next level.


Beginners will start by understanding their balance, buoyancy and breath control. Then, they will work on propulsion and towards the end of the program they will be able to perfectly execute the four competitive swimming styles.


It is important to mention that every student learns according to their own skills and maturity level.  Our philosophy relies on respecting the learning curve and pace of every child so that their experience is always pleasant.


Our teaching curriculum is constantly updated since we always keep ourselves at the forefront and in line with the latest trends in worldwide swimming instruction.


We teach with the highest standards thanks to the group of talented and energetic professionals dedicated to your child´s success in swimming that lead the School.


We are proud to be a member of the United States Swim School Association, Swim Australia and International Swim School Assosation, whose codes of ethics serve as a statement of good faith and business practices. These three organizations represent the leading Swim Schools in North America, Australia and around the world.





We also have strategic partnerships and constant knowledge exchanges with fellow swimming schools in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia.

According to each child’s age and motor skills, they will be placed in the corresponding learning levels:


(Students from 4-24 months)

In this class, parents or grandparents get into the water with the baby, enjoying a pleasant activity together.


The objective of this course is to teach babies to understand their balance and buoyancy and hold their breathe under the water, improving their psycho-motor and toning skills, stimulating their survival capacity and their ability to get out of difficult situations, while strengthening their respiratory capacity.








4 to 9 months



Water adjustment. Balance, buoyancy and breath control.  Soft submersions.



10 to 15 months



Introduction to gliding. Balance, buoyancy and breath control. Intermediate submersions.



16 to 24 months



Gliding and floating skills​. Balance, buoyancy and breath control. Getting ready for private lessons.


If parents or grandparents cannot accompany the baby in the water, we have trained instructors for teaching "Baby with Instructor".


(For children 2.5 years and older)

In the next levels, the child will fulfill different goals and acquire specific skills in each level to perfectly master the four basic swimming styles.


The main skill we want to develop in all beginner students is to enter the water and swim back to the edge unaided. Then we will start working on movements and strokes with turns until they master their breath control.  Finally, we will gradually introduce students into the 4 swimming styles.


Each skill is obtained in a fun way, but always respecting the child's own pace, without pressure or stress, but making sure all of our students are giving their best effort.


The six levels of this program are:

Level 1.

Sea horse



Water adjustment. Balance, buoyancy and breath control. Independent front glides.

Level 4.




Dolphin kicks. Breaststroke kicks and arms.

Level 2.




Balance, buoyancy and breath control. Back glides. Freestyle and Backstroke kicks. Shoulder rotation for armstroke introduction. Roll-overs.

Level 5.




Bilateral breathing.  Butterfly arms. Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke technique refinement.

Level 3.




Freestyle and Backstroke arms.

Side breathing.

Level 6.




Butterfly technique refinement. Endurance. Medley swimming.

We have highly qualified staff, ready to teach swimming to children with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and other disabilities.  We believe it is very important that all children --without exception-- have good skills in the water, and children with special needs are our priority. Through our program, which has been designed according to their unique abilities, we carry out safe activities that help their motion skills and emotional development.


Swimming for Children with Special Needs


This is a revolutionary low-impact, high-intensity training which takes place on a floating board specifically designed to work by controlling your balance, with the special challenge of putting your body fitness to the test on an unstable surface.

On the floating board you will make burpees, lunges and squats, as well as isometric, isotonic and stretching exercises.

You will improve your body alignment, breathing, abdominal strength, concentration, balance and physical fitness.

We can guarantee that by pushing your body to its limits with these exercises, you will rediscover muscles you didn’t remember having.


Pool Balance


In this exciting and fun class you will obtain all the benefits associated with a vigorous cardiovascular training reducing the risk of injuries, since underwater fitness clearly has a significantly lower impact on joints and muscles than when you exercise outside of the pool.

This lesson is adapted to all ages and skill levels.

Try it and see for yourself an increase in your respiratory capacity, strengthening your muscles and improving your cardiovascular condition, stamina and physical skills while burning calories.


Every morning, from Monday through Friday, we start the day in Aquatics "pedaling in the water”.


This fun cardiovascular exercise consists on performing different exercises on a bicycle placed inside the water. This is a practice that increases the pleasure of exercise and elevates muscle-strengthening capacity. Water spinning makes your heart pump, improving blood circulation; it helps lose weight and burn calories (800 kcal per hour); it tones and shapes your body and since the routine has no impact on joints, helps prevent muscle injuries, among many other benefits.


Pool Biking (Water Spinning)

We offer swimming instruction for adults of all ages, from those who wish to learn how to swim, to swimmers who would like to improve their technique or train to stay fit and healthy.


We have highly qualified teachers for all your swimming needs. Lessons can be instructed by one of our teachers or if you prefer, you can also swim freely on your own. However, for your safety, you will always find an instructor on the pool deck.


Both our swimming pools are indoors. Our 25-yard pool has a standard temperature of 29°C, and our 17-yard pool is set to 33°C approximately.



Monday to Thursday from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm

Friday from 6:00 am to 10:00 am

Saturday from 6:00 am to 8:00 am


Adult swimming lessons

We provide an opportunity for all those patients who need to perform specific exercises for physical recovery through hydrotherapy sessions. It is important to mention that patients can come to the session with their own physiotherapist. Schedules are limited to early morning hours.


Hydrotherapy (Physical Rehabilitation)


We believe in promoting the importance of swimming lessons as a way to prevent accidents and save lives.


We have a strong social responsibility and are committed to constantly raise awareness of this vital life-saving technique among parents and caregivers.  Swimming is not only a fundamental part of children’s development, but it is also a proven and valuable survival tool.


Throughout the year we hold "Semanas de Salvamento" (Safety Weeks), in which we aim to:


• "Spread the word" among our clients, relatives and friends about different principles and techniques that must always be taken into consideration when children are inside or in the proximity of water.

• Reduce the risk of accidents through water safety education.


“You never know which safety measure will save a life… until it does.”


To learn more about this vital topic, please visit the web pages of partner institutions that have joined efforts with us providing resources for helping you recognize, reduce and manage this life-threatening risk.




Our swimming pools are indoors and heated.


We are strictly devoted to maintain the water quality in our pools, keeping our standards in line with federal regulation of the United States, and using imported equipment and the most advanced technology available.


To guarantee the hygiene, cleanliness and risk-free quality of our pool water, we have an advanced, top-of-the-line program that monitors 24/7 from the United States (online) the water quality of our pools.


Additionally, our facilities include:

• Showers and dressing rooms for babies, children and adults.

• A comfortable coffee shop with Wi-Fi and TV monitors that allow you to watch your child's lesson while enjoying your favorite beverage.

• Swimming gear and gift shop.

• Kids playground, so your wait is more pleasant.

• Security closed circuit.

• Valet parking.


We invite you to come visit us and fill out an "Admission Form". We will do everything we can to find the schedule that fits your needs. In case we don’t have availability for the schedule of your choice, we will sign you up in our Waiting List (which follows a strict order) and will inform you as soon as it becomes available.


To note, it is very important to find the academic level and schedule that is more adequate and beneficial for your child, since this will clearly improve his/her development and swimming progress.


Through the information you provide in your application form, and the assessment of our instructors in a trial lesson, we can determine the group and schedule that better suits your child's needs.

E-mail info@aquaticspanama.com Phone (507) 392-9958 (507) 392-9959 Facebook Aquatics Swim School Instagram Aquaticspanama WAZE Encuéntranos como “Aquatics” Location 3rd Street of Parque Industrial de Costa del Este Enter through the Parque Industrial side gate (located in front of the "Gula" restaurant, right before the entrance to Corredor Sur). We are located on the left of the street, right between "Todo a Dólar" and "Mafesa". Office Hours: Monday to Friday from 6:00AM to 8:00PM Saturday from 6:00AM to 12:30PM Sunday: Closed.

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